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The Great Wall Pickup Poer series (GWM POER speed) is the flagship model of Great Wall pickup trucks. It made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 16, 2019. The new product series is built on a new platform and produced by a new Chongqing factory,

Targeting the international mainstream market is highly favored in both domestic and international markets.

The Great Wall Poer series includes three types of pickup trucks: passenger pickup trucks, off-road pickup trucks, and commercial pickup trucks. It is the first pickup truck in China to be equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission, the first pickup truck in China to adopt a multi link rear suspension, and the first globalized passenger pickup truck in China, with a wide variety of models

Why change the wheel hub is not because the original car is not good, but because the wheel hub modification can play more functions of the car, such as playing in the desert, mud, climbing dirt mountains, etc., and an external anti slip ring needs to be added; If some off-road equipment is installed, it is necessary to increase the weight of the wheel hub at the same time. Not only for the sake of a more beautiful appearance, but of course, when it comes to modifying wheel rims, there are indeed fashionable and more choices in terms of appearance design, color, and other aspects.

Let's talk about the original wheel hub data of the Great Wall Cannon: 17X7 (245/70R17), 17x8 (265/65R17), 18X8 (265/60R18), eccentricity 42 Next, choose the size and width of the wheel hub based on the tire. The original wheel hub is 6x139.7 with a center hole of 100.1

If using the original tire specifications without lifting or increasing the size, it is recommended to use 17X7/8.5/8J wheels

18X8/8.5/9J wheel hub, recommended brand MAT | 6989 | Six spoke thick wheel hub | Trendy style | High cost performance

Maximum load capacity up to 1134KG

If lifted, if using 20 inch wheels, etc., it depends on the specific requirements of the owner.

The prevalence of counterfeit goods on the market and the lack of quality assurance for low-quality wheels pose significant safety hazards to driving,

Please recognize the genuine MAT brand, do not buy wheels cheap, life is priceless, cherish yourself.

It is recommended that car owners find professional modification shops or tire 4S shops (authorized by us),

Blindly being unprofessional can bring many problems