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2024-03-20 what is the car for G318

Yesterday, it was March 18th, 2024. Listen to me, March 18th is called 318. In addition, there is also a national highway G318 in China, so let's call it G318. Sigh! This name can have representative significance. That's right, this is th... (Details)

2024-03-19 Chinese Off road vehicle history

In China,The off-road community has always been considered very niche, with most people considering off-road vehicles as a form of nostalgia. However, with the upgrading of automobile consumption in recent years, off-road vehicles have gradually ente... (Details)

2024-03-18 4x4 wheels and rims from China

China is the biggist manufactuering base in the world for 4X4 wheels and alloy wheels. Most top USA wheels brands, about 90% are made from China, such as FUEL, BLACKRHINO and METHOD etc. so we produce our brands MAT, BEAST, AGILITYFORCE AND BLACKMUD ... (Details)

2017-12-04 alloy wheel technology knowledge

Wheel Construction All Wheels Are Round. Or Are They? Though not enforced, there are quality standards to govern the production of wheels. Some countries though, like Germany and Japan, have government regulations requiring aftermarket wheels... (Details)

2013-03-30 European CV registrations fall for 14th ...

Figures for CV registrations in Europe, released by ACEA, show that they fell by 13.3 per cent in February and were down -11.9 per cent over the first two months, year on year. February was the fourteenth consecutive month that demand for commercial ... (Details)

2013-03-21 China 2013 Peak for after market alloy w...

China 2013 Peak for after market alloy wheels was held on 26th Feb, 2013 during AAITF sponsored by The China auto dealers chamber of Commerce and Kyushu International Exhibition media group. In 2012, quantity of possessed motor vehicles break thr... (Details)

2013-03-21 Qoros, a Chinese-Israeli joint venture

Given the parlous state of the European car market, this would not seem a sensible moment to launch a new car brand. Yet, Qoros, a Chinese-Israeli joint venture, did exactly that at the Geneva motor show last week.Qoros’ primary target market i... (Details)

2013-03-20 China's car production overs Europe in 2...

China is poised to produce more cars than Europe in 2013 for the first time, hitting a landmark in the country’s rise in the industry and underlining the difficulties for the European vehicle sector as it faces a challenging 12 months... (Details)