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2024-03-20 what is the car for G318

Yesterday, it was March 18th, 2024. Listen to me, March 18th is called 318. In addition, there is also a national highway G318 in China, so let's call it G318. Sigh! This name can have representative significance. That's right, this is th... (Details)

2024-03-18 4×4 Beadlock Rims for trucks and 4WDs

FOR 4×4 Beadlock Rims for trucks and 4WDs. Tackling the wildest terrain, sending mud flying and reaching peaks are glory moments for true off-roaders. To maximize your vehicle performance, it requires having the right wheels. A frequent choice ... (Details)

2024-03-19 Chinese Off road vehicle history

In China,The off-road community has always been considered very niche, with most people considering off-road vehicles as a form of nostalgia. However, with the upgrading of automobile consumption in recent years, off-road vehicles have gradually ente... (Details)

2024-03-18 4x4 wheels and rims from China

China is the biggist manufactuering base in the world for 4X4 wheels and alloy wheels. Most top USA wheels brands, about 90% are made from China, such as FUEL, BLACKRHINO and METHOD etc. so we produce our brands MAT, BEAST, AGILITYFORCE AND BLACKMUD ... (Details)

2024-03-17 MAT|lightweight|wheels

MAT light weight wheels-2024-new design -6883 -6884 -6885 -6886 (Details)

2024-03-07 tank500wheels|modification

Tank500 is one of the GWM motors premium brand and medium and large luxurious SUV. This car can be used for street driving model and off road for rocky, mud, and desert as well, but you can see the original tyre and wheels, that is not the best for r... (Details)


Land Rover Defender with orignal wheels size of 22 inch, but it seems not strong to perform on off roading. So we recommend to change the wheels and tire to 20|18|17 inches. It seems little hard to change the wheels from bigger to smaller, here we pr... (Details)


F1907 can fit all models for Tank300|400|500|700 features V-shaped spokes size17X8.5|18X8.5|20X9 ET:0|12|18|20 white, matte black,bronze, gunmetal color option (Details)


MATWHEELS|JEEPWRANGLER 17x8.5 pcd:5x127 ET:-12 central bore:71.56 (Details)

2024-02-01 WULING|YEP|wheels|modification

WULING|YEP|wheels|modification (Details)

2024-01-27 matwheels|beadlock|1217B

how to choose a beadlock wheels for 16 inch wheels? such as for jimny car. our Mat wheels for model 1217B is the best choice for real beadlock with popular and classic designs also forged ring for the new design look more fachionable. her... (Details)


TANK400|WHEELS|AGILITYFORCEWHEELS|A716 The Tank400 comes in many colors, and it depends on the owner's preference for which color the wheels look good. However, the wheels are generally available in: sub black, gray, red, copper, or with adde... (Details)

2024-01-11 Haval|Raptor|Hi4|MATwheel|tuning

MAT-F1907 毒蝎-A720C MAT-F1908T MAT-F1908C AGILITYFORCEWHEELS-A728 (Details)

2024-01-09 Tank 400HI4T|Blackmudwheels |M580| 2024n...

Tank 400HI4T|Blackmudwheels |M580| 2024new Tank brand is a high -end luxury off -road SUV brand launched by Great Wall Motors The tank 400 is equipped with a plug -in hybrid system and is listed in 2023, which brings surprises to off -road en... (Details)

2024-01-03 BYD|Leopard5|wheels|parameters

BYD Leopard 5 wheels parameters BYDLeopard is a professional personalized brand under BYD Automobile Company, also known as the "F brand" previously circulated. It was officially named "Equation Leopard" on June 9th this year.... (Details)