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Tank 400HI4T|Blackmudwheels |M580| 2024new

Sourse:admin  Time:2024-01-09 02:34

Tank 400HI4T|Blackmudwheels |M580| 2024new

Tank brand is a high -end luxury off -road SUV brand launched by Great Wall Motors

The tank 400 is equipped with a plug -in hybrid system and is listed in 2023, which brings surprises to off -road enthusiasts.

The original tire is 18 -inch tires, which can be equipped with 18X8.5 wheels.

ET value has -12 | 0 | 12 | 18 | 20 options.

Optional brand MATwheels| BlackMudwheels |Agilityforcewheels

The new M580 of the black mud is recommended

Please recognize the authentic black mud BlackMud brand

Let's take a look at the modified renderings